Daily Archives: December 25, 2011

A holiday display of…nothingness?

Have you have ever wondered, “What would an atheist display look like?” I mean, if atheists ever defeated religion for a night, a really big night, like…say Christmas, what would they display in order to show the beauty and value of the atheist argument? Turns out, we’ve gotten a few glimpses this year into what that would look like in Leesburg, VA. and Santa Monica, CA.

Given victories with local municipalities to display their best presentations in place of Nativity scenes, atheists in Leesburg, VA., crucified a skeleton wearing a Santa outfit in a misguided attempt to link biblical faith with Santa Claus. In addition, they are preparing a courthouse property display. What will it be? You guessed it… nothing.

Another example is seen in Santa Monica. Atheists found a loophole in the system for gaining public space for displays and garnered public land on Christmas night for “atheist displays.” Meanwhile, a 60-year-old, local Nativity is out of luck. And what, you may ask, will the atheists be displaying? That’s right…nothing. While some of the area will boast signs that claim religion is false, the main display will be – nothing.

Now, I’m not a big fan of Nativity scenes. Most of the time the bible gets maligned for stuff it never even recorded and I end up embarrassingly explaining it to non-Christians. When God’s truth is on the line, we need to be careful to speak where the Bible speaks. If the bible doesn’t say how many wise men, don’t say there were three; if it doesn’t call them kings, don’t make them out to be (since they were probably priests anyway); and if Jesus was two by the time they got there, don’t have Him swaddled in a manger!

Even the best, most impressive scientists have never been able to explain a scenario in which something (the world for example) came from nothing. I can’t imagine how something can come from displays of nothingness either. If you are looking for something-ness this holiday season, look to the author and creator of everything!