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Finally…a cure for my disorder!

s-BRAIN-SCAN-largeLast year, Oxford University’s, Dr. Kathleen Taylor, made quite a stir when she claimed that neuroscience would soon cure some of the world’s worst mental disorders. That would seem like great news, but instead of rejoicing, many were outraged!

Why? Among the mental disorders she mentioned were: Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and belief systems that “do…a lot of damage” in our society such as child abuse, cult ideology, and fundamentalist religions. And collectively, many said, yes…we need a cure!

Wait. What? Fundamentalist religion is a mental disorder? According to a new batch of scientists it is. For example, the former President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Dr. Dinesh Bhurga, recently tried to link religious conversions to psychotic mental illness. In other words, if you join a religion, you’re mentally ill. I can imagine the advertisements:

Are you convinced God created the world…here’s a pill; Do you believe in Jesus’ resurrection…spend a few weeks in our mental health facility; Do you believe this world doesn’t have all the answers…you might need a lobotomy!

Of course, we all know there are religious nut-cases out there. So it makes it difficult to argue against the idea that some of them might truly be mentally ill. But just how long do you think it will be before the definitions are changed from extremists to anyone who teaches a fundamental faith in the Bible? How fast is a New York minute?

Religion neither needs a cure nor is it a mental disorder. Even Taylor admitted, “these beliefs are…not normally categorised as mental illness.” Nevertheless, left unchecked, this “science” will lead to attempts to lobotomize religious beliefs from the cerebellum out!

So maybe we are a bit crazy, especially if scientists are going to define crazy as belief in God. But in this world, maybe, “a bit crazy,” is the new sane!

Jesus himself was thought to be a little “out of His mind” (Mark 3:21). They accused Him of having an evil spirit, and then they crucified him. Even now they want to “cure” religious beliefs by neurosurgery.

Being “crazy” is dangerous! But this is one “cure” I’ll turn down, no matter what the consequences. I choose Jesus, His “crazy” love, and eternal grace & mercy.