A Greater Call of Duty

Even if you aren’t into gaming, you have probably heard of the recent release of Activision’s latest game, “Call of Duty.” If you don’t have a gamer in the house, you may be unaware that war games have taken over the industry in recent years. In fact, “Call of Duty” will be responsible for more than half of Activision’s yearly revenue. Many analysts believe that “Call of Duty” could collect more than $1 billion in revenue and become the highest-selling game of all time. To say the least, it is a far cry from the days of Pac-Man and Tron!

Fantasies about battle are nothing new, but as we consider the idea of a real fight, battling evil, facing a true enemy, and winning a crown in a real kingdom, nothing higher than the Christian life exists. In Luke 14, Jesus reminds his disciples that one must be willing to lose his own life (26). He tells them, “whoever does not carry his own cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple” (27). Jesus wants us to know that Christianity is not just another game with unlimited lives and no cost in losing. He emphasizes that real disciples must count the cost and decide if they are strong enough to stay in this fight until the very end. “What king, when he sets out to meet another king in battle, will not first sit down and consider whether he is strong enough with ten thousand men to encounter the one coming against him with twenty thousand?” (31).

Have you counted the cost? Are you ready to do battle for the Lord? Are you ready to fight Satan and the strongest enemy of all time – sin? Are you ready to win a crown of righteousness that has been prepared for those who remain faithful until the end? If so, pick up your cross and follow Jesus today…a greater life and a greater reward and a greater “call of duty” available to us today.

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