Is Your Fork Where Your Mouth Is? His was!

fork in mouthWilliam “Buddy” Christopher did something impressive this week; he put his fork where his mouth was. Yes, I said fork. I know…the phrase is “money where his mouth is,” meaning one proves what one believes. But when Mr. Christopher puts ‘fork to mouth,’ that is exactly what he is doing!

You see, William Christopher is a health inspector at Boston’s Inspectional Services Department. And he was eating at the Cleveland Circle Chipotle, a restaurant that was reopening after a norovirus outbreak. With Chipotle’s recent 9 state E.coli scare and this norovirus event, many are cautious of eating there.

So when William Christopher puts his ‘fork where his mouth is,’ he means, “this place is clean!” Experts can say something is clean. But what better way to show that then eating there? Did you know that Jesus did the same thing?

Jesus knew that the people had been unduly burdened. They were labeled as “unclean” by the religious elite of the day. No one would help them remove their sins. Many religious people would not eat with, or even come into contact with, these “sinners” for fear of becoming “unclean.”

But Jesus came to show compassion. He knew that we should not call unholy that which God has cleansed” (Acts 10:15). Jesus touched the untouchable (Luke 5:13), He spent time with undesirables (Luke 7:34), and most importantly, He put His fork where His mouth was (Mark 2:16-17).

By doing so, Jesus proved that we are loved by God and can be made clean by faith in Him. His example challenges us today. Jesus proved His Words by His examples (Acts 1:1).

Jesus died to make us clean. But if I look down on certain people or treat some better than others, my example calls them unclean. We know Christians should love others, help the poor, feed the hungry, visit in times of affliction, etc. But is our fork where our mouth is?

Let’s put fork to mouth and prove our faith by our actions (James 2:18).

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