Just what I wanted! What is it?

Have you ever seen a present opening frenzy? That is the only way I know how to describe the scene when a bunch of kids open their presents at the same time. We go to my in-laws for Christmas each year. Our kids, my brother-in-law’s kids, a couple of dogs, a Nana & PawPaw, etc., are all gathered in the living room, helping open and deliver presents. Wrapping paper is flying, mass confusion arises, and the kids have that wonderful/horrible dilemma with each present…”do I open the next one or play with this one?” Have you ever seen a kid run up to a present in the heat of battle and tear it open and scream with joy, “it’s exactly what I wanted” only to see that quizzical look on their face followed by, “what is it?” Or my favorite…”how did you know?”

Our Father in heaven gave us this kind of gift around 2,000 years ago. Those who were expecting a Messiah couldn’t wait to proclaim Him (John 1); the angels who had desired to look into these things (1 Pet 1:12) announced His presence (Luke 2:14); shepherds praised Him (Luke 2:20); and Mary rejoiced (Luke 1:46-55). There was a mixture in those days of “just what I wanted!” and “how did you know?” and “what is it?”

Friends, let us not lose that sense of awe and wonder at the amazing, indescribable gift (2 Cor 9:15) of grace and mercy in Christ Jesus our Lord! Let’s keep that same joy we had as children, as we come to Christ and realize that we can’t possible know and explain every detail of our Father’s plan, but that we are so thankful to have Jesus as our Savior. I’m not sure how He knew; I’m not always certain I can explain what it is that He did for us; but it is EXACTLY what I needed.

And so do you…If you haven’t received that gift, get in touch, and let’s examine what the scriptures say on how you can receive it today!

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