Now That Is Inflation!

inflationSomeone in the congregation sent me a picture the other day with the title, “Inflation at Wal-Mart.” How long did you have to look at the  picture before you figured out why?

Most of us have to take a double take just to make sure. We would never expect a vegetable to cost $68 a piece! A decimal point sure makes a difference, doesn’t it?

Inflation is when the cost of goods rises and each unit of money purchases fewer goods. Or, to put it simply, stuff costs more but you don’t have more money to pay for it. We see the effects of inflation all the time: soft drinks, movies, gas, etc. Even the $.99 menu items are $1.49 now, and the dollar theater costs $3!

Marketing people (especially Wal-Mart employees) spend a lot of time and effort trying to make sure that we are happy with the price we are paying for something. It is called “value-based pricing.” But when we see a price that is far too expensive such as the sign above, we are shocked by the discrepancy between the actual value and the advertised price.

Have you ever gotten something that you thought was a bargain? What about a deal that was too good to be true? One you almost felt guilty about? Well that is exactly what God did for us in the price that was paid for our salvation. What price would you put on your soul? How would you compare that value to God’s Son’s life? What would you be willing to pay for eternal salvation and life in Heaven with God?

Clearly, we don’t have that kind of money. And nothing we can do would ever be enough to buy a spot in heaven. The cost is too great and the purchasing power we have is far too low. But God gave us grace. He spent the precious blood of His Son on our behalf.

I wouldn’t pay $68 for a vegetable, but I would gladly spend my days being thankful to a God who loves me enough to send His Son to die for me. How will you spend your days? Thanking Him with obedient faith is a great way to budget!


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