Remember Your First Love?

The other day, I gave this article to the congregation in the Clover Notes section of our bulletin. I thought I would share it with others in this forum as well. Hope it helps us all to raise our zeal to the way it was at first!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is said to be the most celebrated holiday around the world other than New Year’s Day. This week, as many people throughout the world give candy, flowers, or a romantic evening to their loved one, perhaps we should take a moment to consider our 1st love.

Jesus tells the church at Ephesus (Rev 2:4) that they have left their “first love.” The church at Ephesus had forgotten what was important. They were told to repent and do as they did at first. We don’t like it when loved ones lose the passion of a relationship, do we? Do you remember what things were like with your “Valentine” back in the day? Did you pay special attention? Did you make them feel special? Open the door? Buy flowers? Clean your car???

Of course, relationships change. Often, relationships which begin based on passion must develop into something more – a deep love and appreciation. But we cannot be in a healthy relationship that has no zeal for our partner. We should make every effort, even though relationships grow and mature, to have the zeal we had at first.

Even more than a Valentine, Jesus wants our love and our zeal. In short, Jesus wants our entire being to be dedicated to the Father. So as you spend time looking for a card, candy, or whatever, give some thought to your eternal relationship. Spend time this week with your true 1st love, Jesus Christ. And try to get back to the zeal you had for Him when you first gave your life over to God.


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