She Made A Different Choice

faith“Did I do something wrong?” That was the question a humanist French journalist (identified as “Isabelle”) asked after finding out that her daughter had converted to Judaism. She followed that up with, “I have nothing against Judaism. I am just against any religion.”

Isabelle doesn’t think much of religion. She grew up attending Catholic School, became an atheist, and is now a self-declared “progressive, humanist woman.” Religions, she believes, tell you how to think, as opposed to being a libre penseur, “free thinker.”

Nevertheless, it is in fact, ‘thinking for herself,’ that caused Isabelle’s daughter to choose another path. It is a path that leads to faith and religion. It is a path that many French youth are apparently choosing as well.

You see, Isabelle’s daughter’s generation is asking questions and seeking answers that their parents’ atheism is incapable of answering. Isabelle’s daughter believes that her parents’ philosophies have failed to bring about positive change in society. So she said, “I need something else.”

Still, the choice doesn’t come easily. Scripture says, “Honor your Father and Mother.” As any person who has made the choice to leave the religion of their parents knows, it can cause tension.

But honoring parents doesn’t mean making the same choices that they made, especially since choices have eternal consequences. The same God who said, honor your Father and Mother,” also reminds us that religion is a choice, not an inheritance. God expects us to think for ourselves, to reason through the evidence, and to make a decision.

Joshua gave the Israelites this choice. He said that they had 3 options: 1) worship the idols of the land they conquered, 2) continue the failed ideas of their parents, or 3) they could choose God. As for him and his family, no question about it, they would choose God (Joshua 24:15).

And, Joshua told the Israelites to choose “today.” There is urgency. No one wants to offend a parent or grandparent, but each day is a precious opportunity to make a better choice.

If I can help, get in touch…I’d love to show you how the evidence leads to Jesus.

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