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It Is Time For A Moment of…God

Silence. That’s what we are arguing about now? Ironic, isn’t it? Of all the things facing our country right now, silence is in the crosshairs. Some are taking moments of silence; others are boycotting it in the name of action.

Of course, it is political. Some claim to honor the dead, while others claim to fight for the living. But, as with most politics, there is a higher truth that is being ignored. Silence is meant for the glory of God; and action is meant for the glory of God. Or that is the way it should be.

All reasonable people hope the violence will end. All faithful people pray for God to intervene. And in the face of such terrible loss of life, responsible people are trying to find answers, whether in reverent silence or by vocal means.

Scripturally speaking, of course, both positions have some truth. There are times to be silent and there are times for action. There are times to honor those who have passed and there is a time to act.

Silence can be good. Silence was Jesus’ response in the face of accusations and persecution (Mark 14:61). Silence is often the wisest choice one can make (Proverbs 17:28). And most importantly, silence is the correct position in which to hear God (Habakkuk 2:20; Zephaniah 1:7; Zechariah 2:13).

But Silence can be the wrong answer at times. The Lord commanded Paul, “Do not be afraid any longer, but go on speaking and do not be silent;” (Acts 18:9). When commanded not to speak about Jesus, the disciples responded, “we cannot stop speaking about what we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:20). We must speak the truth.

Remember God’s rebuke of Joshua? There was sin in the camp, so Joshua fell on his face in prayer. God responded, “Rise up! Why is it that you have fallen on your face?” (Joshua 7:10). It was not a time for silence. When there is sin among us, action is required!

A “moment of silence” is just a moment. And sometimes we need that moment. But let’s remember that turning to God is the only answer. I ran across the following quote this week. It resonated with me, and I hope you will hear it as well…

“Silence never sacrificed an only Son, but God did. Silence never parted the Red Sea or created a world full of human souls, but God did. Silence never wrote a book and preserved it for all time and generations, never brought anyone back to life, or forgave sin, but God did. Silence never healed a blind man, deaf man or lame man. Why turn to silence in a time of great need such as this? HOW ABOUT A MOMENT OF GOD?!” -David Thompson

So whether you choose a moment of silence or a moment to speak out, let it be a moment of God. Allow Him to guide you – in your prayers, in your reflection and meditation, and in your actions and words. Perhaps a moment of God would help us all to focus on higher truths. #momentofGod