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Are You Ready? Put Me In Coach!

Are you ready? Right now. This moment. Not in an hour, not in a minute, but at this exact second. Are you ready?

Scott Foster was ready. About two weeks ago, the 36 year-old accountant had to answer a very simple question: “Are you ready?” He said, “yes,” and the rest is history.

Foster, an emergency back-up goalie, never anticipated actually playing in an NHL game. As an emergency back-up, he enjoys a meal, watches the game from the sky box, and goes to games for free. But that night was different!

Foster, a former college goalie, was told to suit up. And when Chicago lost Anton Forsberg and Collin Delia to injuries, he sprang into action. The accountant went from his 10-key that afternoon to stopping all seven shot attempts during the final 14 minutes of the Blackhawks’ 6-2 victory.

The crowd chanted his name. The team jumped on him. No one can ever take that moment away from Foster and his family. Why? He was ready.

The United States Coast Guard’s motto is “Semper Paratus.” It means, “Ever Ready.” The Scouts say, “Be Prepared.” It means they are ready, in mind and body, to do their duty. But did you know that long before hockey, the Coast Guard, or the Scouts, the Bible taught how important it is to “be ready?”

Proverbs 20:4 teaches us not to procrastinate. In 1 Peter 3:15, Peter tells the disciples that they must always be ready to explain to people why they have hope in Christ. Jesus often spoke about living a life that proves we are ready for His return (Matthew 24:44).

What about you? Are you prepared to share your faith? What if Jesus returned right now? Have you confessed Him as the Son of God? Have you been baptized? Do you walk in faith, ready for His return?

By the way, Foster boasts a perfect average in the NHL. Pretty cool. We aren’t perfect, but I’ll rejoice far more for a “well done, good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:23).