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Why Am I A ‘Red Cup’ Guy?

red cupSo I’ve seen the video about why we should care about the color of a Starbucks cup. And I’ve read responses by Christians telling the world that most of us don’t care what color it is. But I’m throwing my hat in the ring with the Red Cup…all the way.

You see, while the rest of social media argues over whether or not real Christians should care about the color of a coffee cup (spoiler alert: they shouldn’t and most don’t), I want to use this as an opportunity to refocus our attention on the Red Cup that matters. After all, there is a Red Cup that is at the heart of Christianity. In fact, it might surprise you, but I say the Red Cup is what Christianity is all about!

The Red Cup that matters isn’t a coffee cup, or some “Holy Grail,” or cup that Knights of the Round Table wanted. Rather The Cup is a metaphor, and it happens to be the metaphor that Jesus wants to be the focus of His followers.

Jesus spoke of cups in several ways. He used a cup of water to show the generosity He expects of God’s people (Matthew 10:42). Drinking of His cup meant sharing in His suffering and death (Matthew 20:22; Luke 22:42). And, most importantly, He used a cup to represent His New Covenant in blood (1 Corinthians 11:25).

Paul quoted Jesus’ words in 1 Corinthians 11:25, showing that the cup Jesus is  far more important than coffee. Jesus instituted the New Covenant, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in My blood; do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me.” Amen.

Both believers and non-believers are trying to make sense of “Cup-gate.” If you are a non-believer and have been duped into thinking that Christians are ‘up in arms’ about coffee cups, don’t believe it. If you are a Christian and you have been duped into thinking that you were supposed to care about the color of a coffee cup, let’s refocus our thinking, please.

Christians win nothing by engaging in what Paul called, “foolish arguments” (2 Timothy 2:23). Starbucks wins free press, and Pollsters win a new measurement for the elections (America divided into “Red Cup” voters and “Decorated Cup” voters). But these arguments, “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing,” are huge distractions from the REAL cup…the only one that matters.

My guess is that this will all blow over pretty soon. Someone will undoubtedly come up with a clever Meghan Trainer tune to cap off the experience. But what will we have taught the world about the real cup of Christ? Will we teach others about the reason that we gather together on Sundays? Will we remember Jesus’ sacrifice until the day of His return? Give it some thought… (Fade off to tune: Yeah, it’s pretty clear; it ain’t no Christmas cup. But you can drink it, drink it; yeah, you can slurp it up. It’s got that caffeine and caramel I want,…