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Christian Magnetism?

You probably knew that the Earth can be viewed as one giant magnet with two poles, North and South. But did you know that many animals have an amazing ability to use the magnetic fields of the Earth as a kind of GPS? Many species, including birds and salmon, are known to use the Earth’s magnetic fields in migration. A few studies have even shown that mammals, such as bats, are able to use magnetic fields to aid in their sense of direction.

New research proves that cows and deer are tuned in to the Earth’s magnetic poles too. After examining satellite images of over 8,500 cattle in 308 pasture plains and almost 3,000 wild deer in 277 locations across the globe, researchers have now documented the phenomenon of cows and deer facing North or South when they eat and rest. That gives “animal magnetism” new meaning! Is it possible that the Earth’s magnetic pull is so strong that it leads animals to face North and South as they eat and rest?

What if Christians had a magnetic sense? Where would it point us? Shouldn’t the pull of Christ be so strong that we would always point to Jesus? The shepherds were pulled to Jesus (Luke 2:7-12), the wise men were pulled to the newborn King (Matthew 2), and the multitudes followed Him everywhere (Matthew 4:20, 22, 25; 12:15). Jesus is pulling us to seek the Kingdom (Matthew 6:33; 7:7).

Perhaps the Earth does have a magnetic pull that only animals can sense. But there is a greater pull than that. Paul said that the whole of creation anxiously longs, waiting eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God (Romans 8:19). All of God’s creatures and His creation have a pull to be reconciled with their creator. Each of us chooses to accept or reject that pull. What are you being pulled toward today? The things of this world or the heavenly things? Is your “Christian magnetism” pointing you and others to Christ?

Give it some thought…if I can help, let me know!