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Sitting Is Killing Us…Physically and Spiritually

Sitting is killing us. No, seriously. Sitting. Of all the things out there, it turns out that simply sitting is a significant risk to our health. In fact, experts are calling sitting, “the new smoking.”

According to a recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, (Click for Study), researchers have tied sitting for lengthy periods to an increased risk of death in subjects who were 45 and up. Regularly sitting more than 30 minutes at a time increases risk, and 90 minutes or more doubles the risk.

Do you know how much time you sit? Probably more than you think. Previous studies based on self-reporting had people sitting ~9.5 hours/day. But when participants wore activity monitors, the results were ~12 hours out of a 16 hour waking day!

Many of us have jobs where we sit…a lot. So we exercise. But according to the study, exercise doesn’t cancel out the problem. We still need to get up every 30 minutes and have 5 minutes of walking or moving around time.

Spiritually speaking, the same principle is true. Many of us think that by praying at meals, going to church on Sunday, and occasionally reading our Bibles, we have “exercised” our faith. But short bursts of exercise are no match for movement throughout the day.

We have been fooling ourselves. The truth? Most Christians today are morbidly stationary in their faith.

So what’s the solution? Move! That’s why so many of Jesus’ commands to His disciples encouraged movement. Our default is sitting. We need to be reminded… “Wake up,” “Get up,” “Go,” “Pray,” “Carry,” “You feed them,” etc.

Of course, there are limitations. Often, the elderly, infirmed, or physically disabled can’t literally “get up and go” so easily. But, spiritually speaking, we can “take five” from sitting far more often than we do.

I have a watch that buzzes and says, “MOVE!” when I sit too long. Some days I need a spiritual reminder as well, and I’m guessing you do too. Go ahead; take five; and stand up, stand up for Jesus!

Dying For A Selfie vs. Dying To Selfie

selfie in carThe Selfie. Harmless self-promotion? Or deadly danger? You decide! Up until recently, I would have said Selfies were mostly harmless, but maybe I was wrong.

Lately, the headlines are getting worse: “Couple Killed After Falling From Cliff While Taking Selfie,” “Train Selfie Kills Three Indian Students,” “15 Year Old Dies Taking Selfie In Front of Train,” etc. And the most recent? A Selfie was blamed for a plane crash!

That’s right. Based on information found on a GoPro camera at the crash site, the determination was made that the pilot of a small plane probably caused his death and a passenger’s, all because he was distracted…while taking Selfies.

Now, Selfie-danger isn’t new. In Greek myths, a young man named Narcissus was so in love with his own reflection in the water that he was unable to stop staring at himself. He ultimately drowned and was turned into a flower. Like Narcissus, some people are so enamored with themselves that they ignore the dangers around them. Like Narcissus, they would rather die because of a Selfie than die to Selfie.

What does dying to Selfie look like? Glad you asked. Take a look at Luke 9:23-24:

And [Jesus] was saying to them all, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me. For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake, he is the one who will save it.”

Jesus is the perfect example. He wasn’t into self-promotion, and He always put the Kingdom first.

I’m not against using “Selfies” to capture memorable moments. This message isn’t really even about photos. But it is about your heart. And each day we take “Selfies” of our hearts and post them online…no, not Facebook…but in the Book of Life.

My question is, “Does your record promote self or show you following Him?”

If you follow Jesus, and die to selfish needs and desires, He promises the abundant life. But if you insist on Selfie first…well, I hope the danger was worth the shot.

No Danger?

World Trade JumpThere is a huge difference between “no risk” and calculated risk. When you were a kid and you wanted to do something that seemed risky, what did you tell your parents? “It isn’t dangerous!” Right? But the truth was, you probably just didn’t think through everything that could go wrong. It is called calculating risk, and as we get older and wiser, we tend to get better at it.

But what if we never learn how to properly assess risk? Saying there is “no danger” doesn’t make it true. Everything has some element of danger. But there are always those who refuse to admit the danger. For example, three daredevils were recently caught after doing a base jump off the new One World Trade tower in Manhattan. Their defense? There was “no danger” in what they did!

Despite their plea, they were criminally charged Tuesday with burglary, reckless endangerment (themselves and others), and jumping from a structure. Most sane people would agree that jumping from a 1,776-foot skyscraper involves serious (and potentially unseen) risk. Any number of things could have happened, ending their thrill-seeking night in tragedy. But they have become desensitized to the risks.

Danger is real, very real. And quite often, the risks are greater than we think. New York City police commissioner Bill Bratton charged the men, saying, “These men violated the law and placed themselves, as well as others, in danger,” adding, “being a thrill-seeker does not give immunity from the law.”

Many people are taking the biggest risk possible, every day. If you aren’t a faithful child of God, then each day is riskier than a 1,776 foot base jump…without the parachute!

Have you calculated the risk of eternal separation from God? Have you become desensitized to the danger? Or do you think there is “no danger?” Thrill seekers aren’t immune to the law and neither are we. The law demands death for our sins (Romans 6:23). The danger is real, but the risk can be removed. Live faithfully in Him, and know that you have eternal life in Christ (1 John 5:13).