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Google Says Humans Are To Blame!

google carWhen it comes to driving, Google has finally figured out the glitch – YOU! That’s right…you are the problem. According to press releases regarding recent accidents involving Google’s driverless vehicles, Google says humans are to blame for running into their cars every single time.

So Google says: “The clear theme is human error and inattention.”

Interesting, isn’t it? I mean, take the emotion out of it for a moment and just reflect on what Google is proposing. The least reliable piece of equipment in the car, they say, is you – the driver. So what is the solution? Remove the driver, of course!

As a preacher, I’ll admit that the thought piqued my interest. I mean, what if God had the same idea? After all, aren’t we the problem when it comes to perfectly following His plan? Aren’t we the ones who miss the mark (sin) time after time? Don’t the accidents we get into cause damage to others and create unsafe roadways of life?

God wrote the operating parameters of a proper life. He gave us the perfect example in His Son. And he gave us an opportunity to drive the roads of life directing our own paths. And we make a mess of it.

It is called life. And according to Romans 3:23, we are all bad drivers. Every single one of us has had a fender bender or will have a fender bender as soon as we get our license (reach the age of accountability as we call it in the church).

What if God, though, had reached the same solution as Google: remove the drivers? We couldn’t blame Him, right? We keep getting in wrecks, we are unsafe, we endanger others, and we are often inattentive and irresponsible as we drive our lives down the road.

But God, in His amazing love, allows us to keep driving. Why? Because He doesn’t want robot drivers! Now, I don’t mean on the highways. Maybe computer drivers are, in fact, better. But in real life…well, He wants us to have free will.

In other words, God isn’t looking for robots who do only what they are programmed to do. Rather, He wants us to do right and be good drivers because we love Him and choose His way. He wants us to pay attention to the laws; He wants responsible drivers!

I run into a lot of people who ask why God doesn’t just fix everything. But have you considered what that means? “Fixing” the glitch would mean getting rid of you and me…the ones who make a mess of His perfect road!

But God loves us so much, He allows us to make mistakes, learn how to do better, and get back out there on the road of life. And I, for one, am grateful He hasn’t revoked my license. And I hope, with a few years of wisdom under my belt, I’m a better driver today than I used to be. How about you?

Are You Zoned Out? Awake O Sleeper!

Workers on the corner where the Metro-North train derailment took place

Ever get the feeling that someone you are talking to has their mind somewhere else? Do you feel like there are days when you can’t seem to concentrate and stay focused? If so, perhaps you know how it feels to “zone out.”

If you have ever checked out of a conversation, drifted off into a daydream, or nodded off slightly when sitting still, you probably know what it means to “zone out.” Experts say that zoning out can range from a harmless moment of rest to serious dangers. Drivers, for example, can suffer from an extremely dangerous “zoning out” called “highway hypnosis” or “micro Sleep.” This occurs when the driver loses perspective by looking ahead and seeing miles of railroad track or highway with no significant changes.

Perhaps no one knows that danger more than William Rockefeller. Last Sunday, Rockefeller, the driver of the New York commuter train that derailed, told investigators that he had “zoned out” shortly before the crash which killed four people, injured 11, and held back 26,000 commuters on the Metro-North Hudson line.

Rockefeller did what he could to react once he “snapped out of it,” but unfortunately, it was too late. Did you know that we can suffer from the danger of “zoning out” in our faith? And often it is far too late to recover by the time we “snap out of it.”

Are you gliding through life zoned out? Have you been lulled to sleep by the apparent long road ahead of you? Paul reminds us to “Awake, O Sleeper” and look to Christ for our salvation (Ephesians 5:14). If you aren’t a child of God, have you “zoned out” in your desire to know the truth? If you are a believer, are you wide-awake and focused on the task? Satan is well-pleased when we are distracted.

The families of those who were injured or lost their lives in this terrible accident are in our prayers. Unnecessary loss of life is always sad. That is why we must be so vigilant, especially with eternal life. Stay vigilant until the end, endure in faithfulness, and receive your reward in heaven.