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Having A Faith Like Roman Concrete

Ancient Romans built impressive structures. Among the most impressive are sea walls and harbor piers that still stand after two thousand years. A study published Monday in, American Mineralogist, reveals the secret behind the concrete…and it also happens to be a great lesson for Christian living.

What is so impressive about Roman concrete? As written in the Washington Post, July 4 article, by Ben Guarino: “harbor concrete, a mixture of volcanic ash and quicklime, has withstood the sea for two millennia and counting.” One research engineer at DuPont recently called Roman concrete, “the most durable building material in human history.” Modern concrete, on the other hand, when exposed to seawater, corrodes within decades.

What’s the difference? Marie Jackson, ancient Roman concrete expert at the University of Utah, found the difference in “microscopic structures of concrete samples.” Roman concrete’s ingredients cause a chemical reaction, resulting in aluminous tobermorite crystals to grow out of a mineral called phillipsite.

The problem is that modern concrete is designed to ignore the environment while Roman concrete is designed to grow stronger from it. The crystals that grow in the Roman concrete act like armor, protecting it from cracks. Modern concrete fractures in seawater.

True faith is also designed to grow stronger by living in the world, not ignoring it.

In John 17:15, Jesus prayed to the Father: “I do not ask You to take them out of the world, but to keep them from the evil one.” In Matthew 13, Jesus reminds His disciples that we cannot remove adversity from the world. Rather, He says (v30) to “allow both” (the wheat and tares) to grow together until the harvest.

In evangelism, we cannot ignore the environment we enter. Rather, we should learn from Roman concrete. We are designed to become strong, immovable, and faithful by entering a harsh environment.

Our true composition will be revealed and rewarded if we are in Christ and Christ is in us. He is the armor that strengthens our weakness. And if we build on the foundation of Christ, our work will remain eternally (1 Corinthians 3:11-15).

A New Work!

Good news! For the last month and a half, Krista and I have been diligently meeting with a number of congregations in the Lord’s Church. I have had the privilege of speaking at many wonderful congregations as Krista and I have been traveling and meeting brothers and sisters in Christ. After much prayer and diligent study, we are excited to accept the position of pulpit minister with the church of Christ at Clover, SC.

The Clover church is truly a mission field from the ground up. This work began as a church plant under the oversight of the Gold Hill Road church in Fort Mill, which began under the oversight of the Charlotte Avenue church in Rock Hill. After years of planning, Charlotte Avenue’s work paid off with a successful church – Gold Hill Road (Fort Mill). Now, Gold Hill Road is looking to increase the Lord’s church in York County with another new congregation in Clover, SC.

We were drawn to this work by the successful track record of these churches, the work that is still left to be done in York County, and the willingness among the saints at Clover to work and grow the church. Currently, the Clover congregation is meeting in local schools on Sundays and Wednesdays, but we look forward to breaking ground in the next few weeks on a new building. Already averaging an attendance in the 60’s, we look forward to growing the church physically and spiritually as we reach out to the lost, embrace the community, and help those in need.

It is, of course, with a sad heart that we leave our brothers and sisters in Knoxville, TN. We have truly enjoyed our time at the East Tennessee School of Preaching and the Karns congregation, as well as, our home congregation at West End. It was a privilege to be asked to help fill the pulpit over the last year and a half at West End where I was baptized almost six years ago. We are thankful for the encouragement, the spiritual development, and the support this church has given us in our desire to teach and preach the word of God.

Jesus instructs us to go into all the world making disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and teaching them to observe all things which He has commanded. As we take this step of faith to reach the lost, we ask for your prayers for this great work. May God bless each of us in the work that we do for His Kingdom!