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Sealed With Secure DNA

Super Bowl 51 is over. The Patriots won. That is that. But when Super Bowls end, there is another team just beginning their battle. Their name is PSA/DNA, and their fight is against the counterfeiters!

You see, one of the bigger post-game businesses is in the collectibles market: the footballs, sideline pylons, coin toss coins, etc. The problem, though, is that counterfeiters are always trying to sell knock-offs to unsuspecting collectors. Enter PSA/DNA.

PSA/DNA has a technology to authenticate collectibles by stamping each with a unique, synthetic DNA “fingerprint.” The fingerprints can be seen only with a special laser, and they have a 1 in 33 trillion chance of being replicated. Now that’s a secure stamp!

But did you know an even greater authentication stamp exists? It is the stamp that Christians bear. He is the Holy Spirit, and His seal is impossible to fabricate.

Now He who establishes us with you in Christ and anointed us is God, who also sealed us and gave us the Spirit in our hearts as a pledge. 2 Corinthians 1:21-22

That’s right! The authentic Christian bears a stamp. It is a royal seal, inked with the blood-bought DNA of Christ, as a pledge to prove that we are His.

Now, I wish we could point a laser at the seal and know whether someone is a Christian. It sure would make it easier to know who is authentic. But even without that technology, there are signs.

A believer (John 6:29) receives the Holy Spirit at their baptism (Acts 2:38); they can check the things they hear and see against the Word to know if they are truly from God (1 John 4:1); and they can assess whether or not men are faithful stewards (1 Corinthians 4:2).

Ultimately, though, God alone knows the authentic from the counterfeit. “Nevertheless, the firm foundation of God stands, having this seal, ‘The Lord knows those who are His’” (2 Timothy 2:19). Is your faith authentic or counterfeit? The heart is a great place to check: “The one who loves God is known by God” (1 Corinthians 8:3).

Cheap Shots or Total Breakdown?

cheap shot footballYou may have seen the video of two high school football players who took a couple of cheap shots in a game last week. Of course, cheap shots in a football game are nothing new. But these were different…they were on a referee!

The last thing I want to do is to take another cheap shot. The referee is considering pressing charges, and the courts will decide guilt. But watching that video, I can’t help but feel like that field is a microcosm of our country.

After all, recent headlines tell of police officers being ambushed in Las Vegas, Texas, and Florida, the Deputy General for Governor Cuomo being shot in Brooklyn, and any number of other needless “cheap shots” having taken place. Meanwhile, most of us hardly noticed. Of course, violence is nothing new. But it appears that there is a growing breakdown in society based on a lack of respect for authority.

In the Bible, the Hebrews writer teaches us that discipline is never joyful at the time, but that it works for our good. Today, many people have no respect for those who administer our discipline. But it wasn’t always the case.

Consider Hebrews 12:9, “Furthermore, we had earthly fathers to discipline us, and we respected them; shall we not much rather be subject to the Father of spirits, and live?” Did you catch that? The Hebrews writer assumes respect for those who discipline! How far we have come!

Is that progress? Are we better off for rejecting God’s Word and determining our own morality?

We all lose when football players level a referee for a call they don’t like, when angry citizens execute police officers, and when general mayhem causes shootings and stabbings on a daily occurrence. And teaching God’s Word is the only solution.

God loves us, and He wants the best for us. But judgment is in store if we don’t start accepting His correction (Hebrews 10:27). Let’s lead by example. As we are trained by His correction, perhaps others will see why discipline “yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness” (Hebrews 12:11).

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