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“Thanks” Should Focus Attention On The One Who Is Thanked

Don’t get me wrong, Ryan Gosling’s speech was nice. But why did a simple “thank you” make the Internet blow-up? Because the focus went to the thank-er, not the thank-ee…and that is a problem.

Now, to catch you up…

You might not watch the Golden Globes. I know I didn’t. But, if you did, (or if you caught any news in the last two days that wasn’t Bama-Clemson related), then you know Ryan Gosling gave a nice shout-out to his wife during his acceptance speech. It is the kind of thing a husband should do.

Gosling let the world know that the only way he was able to do the work that won a Golden Globe was because of his wife. His wife, Eva Mendes, was busy raising their daughter, was pregnant with their 2nd child, and was helping her brother who was fighting cancer…all while Gosling was making “La La Land.” No, he wasn’t in ‘la la land;’ that is actually the name of the movie.

Yet, his “thank you” immediately took the focus in the wrong direction. Thousands praised Gosling for his thankfulness; hearts melted at how wonderful he is; and some were even critics who said that he was encouraging gender disparity.

But all of it focused on Gosling! He thanked and gave credit to Mendes (who is a successful actress as well) for being a great wife, mom, and thoughtful sister. And the Internet focused on him – for thanking her?!?

Now, there is nothing wrong with noticing that he said thanks. But I imagine (or hope) that Gosling wanted people to see how great he thinks she is. The opposite occurred. In a “look at me” world of “I did it on my own” braggarts, a simple “thank you” was so unique that people could not see one thanked.

Take note Christians! Are we thank-er focused or thank-ee?

We should live in thankfulness and model it for others (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18). Husbands should praise their wives (Proverbs 31). Husbands and wives should live for each other (Ephesians 5:22-28). These things are all right and good.

But we must remain diligent to keep the focus on the one we thank. Let us shine the light on the one to whom all thanks are due. To God be the glory!