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The NFL’s Worst Problem Yet: “T-Shirt Gate”

kNOw Jesus, kNOw Peace

Well, the NFL finally dropped the hammer. That behavior will never happen again. We can all rest easier knowing that players who wear t-shirts with Christian messages will be properly threatened and fined. Wait, what?

Seriously? With all the bad press that the NFL is getting for players accused of child abuse and wife-beating, you would think that they would be looking for some good role models. It might even make sense to not harass a guy wearing a shirt about knowing Jesus and His peace. But that is exactly what happened to Redskins quarterback, Robert Griffin, the other day.

Griffin was confronted by a uniform inspector for the NFL and told he had to flip his shirt inside out or be fined. Apparently, NFL policy does not allow non-Nike t-shirts with personal messages on them. Meanwhile other players were seen wearing non Nike t-shirts with personal (non-Christian) messages on them. The one that stood out as inappropriate to the inspector? It was a shirt that says, “kNOw Jesus, kNOw Peace.”

The shirt is written in a clever way that delivers two messages, both are messages which could really help the NFL out these days: 1) Know Jesus, Know Peace, 2) No Jesus, No Peace.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6) and Lord of Peace (2 Thessalonians 3:16). All true peace comes through Him (Acts 10:36). Knowing Jesus leads to a “Peace that passes comprehension” (Philippians 4:7). Jesus offers an abundant life (John 10:10). Jesus teaches respect for women and children (ie., John 4; John 8; Luke 18:16-17). Jesus teaches selflessness (Mark 10:45). Jesus teaches lessons that the NFL desperately needs to hear.

Without Jesus, there can be no true peace in this lifetime. People will tell you how to find peace elsewhere, but they never lead to real peace (Jeremiah 8:11). Without Jesus, there simply is no peace in this world or the next (John 16:32-33).

A t-shirt may not answer the NFL’s problems, but the message on it can. Know Jesus and His peace today, because without Jesus, there is No Peace!