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Um, “Thank you,” Richard Dawkins? Well, sort of…

If you know anything about Richard Dawkins, you know that he is one of the world’s most prominent atheist authors. He despises religion. And Christianity has been the target of his wrath more than a few times.

That is why it is surprising that Dawkins might say ANYTHING positive about Christianity. But, in a roundabout way, that is exactly what he just did. And what Dawkins said, though not meaning to be complimentary, speaks volumes.

Dawkins’ recent comments came in response to an article by The Guardian, “Christianity as default is gone: the rise of a non-Christian Europe.” Now, you might think that Dawkins, self-described, “equal opportunity religion basher,” would rejoice at such an article. But, he didn’t.

Ironically, Dawkins noted that Christianity stands as the “bulwark against something worse.” What could be “worse” that would cause Dawkins to want Christianity to stay in Europe? Islam.

Dawkins calls Christianity a, “relatively benign religion.” In comparison, Dawkins says, “If you look at the actual impact that different religions have on the world it’s quite apparent that at present the most evil religion in the world has to be Islam.”

Now, be careful. You might get so entangled in the discussion about Islam that you actually miss the word. He said, “evil.”

“Evil” exists…according to one of the world’s leading atheists. Did you catch that? I know it may seem simple, but it is utterly important.

Dawkins, an evolutionary biologist, believes that life came from nothing. It evolved through random chaos and ‘survival of the fittest.’ Yet he believes in evil. Why? Because morality exists!

And the Judeo-Christian morality that defines his sense of right and wrong comes from the Bible. It is a book Dawkins hates. Yet, and DON’T MISS THIS: The last line of defense against something he calls “evil,” is Christianity!

Dawkins would never want to be associated with supporting Christianity. But, a Europe without Christianity makes Dawkins hope Christianity sticks around a little longer! Will we, one day, see the following Richard Dawkins quote?…

 “Come back to Europe, Lord Jesus…and quickly.”

“Zero Remorse” Interception: Is Chivalry Dead?

saints-bengals-game-ball“He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone” (John 8:7).

Interceptions are just part of football. And usually fans cheer when their side gets the ball. But no one was cheering for Tony Williams last Sunday when he intercepted the wrong pass!

The pass in question was intended for Christa Barrett. She is a Bengals fan and she ran down to the end-zone to celebrate as Jermaine Gresham, tight end for the Bengals, scored a touchdown. Gresham saw Christa and tried to toss the ball to her. Williams, a Saints fan, “intercepted” the pass and got flagged for ‘pass interference’ by the fans and social media.

Tony isn’t a bad guy. He is a Veteran, a 70 year-old pensioner, and a season ticket holder for decades. He loves his wife, his daughter, and his 8 year-old grandson. But, in sports, the player-fan gift is sacred, almost untouchable. And if that gift is to a woman or a child…well, forget-about-it…there are rules!

But where do those rules come from? If this life is all that ever will be, what would cause us to be horrified at a man knocking a woman out of the way to intercept a ball? Why not get what you can, while you can?

Because like it or not, our “rules” are influenced by the Bible’s teaching regarding justice. And the Bible teaches that God hates injustice (Isaiah 59:15). And justice is always being threatened. Nathan rebuked King David for the horrible injustice of taking a man’s wife and killing him to cover up adultery. Jesus taught that men should get their justice right before they pick up stones to kill an alleged adulteress. Jesus defended the innocence of little children and their access to the Kingdom.

So I suppose, some thought that they were defending justice when they defended chivalry. And maybe they had the right heart, but the wrong execution.

Interceptions may be part of football, but what happened off the field degraded into a shameful activity. Some judged Williams to be a monster. Then the yelling started. Then social media lit up with death threats and racial slurs. Chivalry was an excuse to curse Williams, but it is clear that kindness went out the window!

We are still just as sinful as the days of Cain & Abel. And when we see something we don’t like, our reaction is often just as violent. Christa ended up getting a ball from the Saints and one from the Bengals, so I guess Chivalry isn’t dead. But what about Williams’ grandson who was afraid to go to school the next day? What about racism? What about hatred?

The truth is, we aren’t evolving in our morality. And until we learn to obey God’s ways and follow Jesus’ example, we never will. Micah reminded us to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God. And remember, sometimes a football is just a football!