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Moses Couldn’t Lead?

To put it plainly, there was a time when Moses couldn’t lead anyone out of a wet paper bag. He was an ineffective liberator. Yes, he tried…but failed spectacularly. You may be asking, “Is this the Moses who brought down the plagues on Egypt and destruction on Pharaoh’s household and freed a nation of slaves?” Well sort of…consider the following.

Exodus 2:11-12 tells us that Moses saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, “one of his brethren,” and he “struck down the Egyptian.” In Acts 7:25, Stephen says that Moses “supposed that his brethren understood that God was granting them deliverance through him, but they did not.” Moses had to flee to the desert due to his failed deliverance. Again, in Numbers 20:8-12, Moses made such a mistake in leading God’s people that he himself was not allowed to enter the Promised Land. How is it that Moses could perform God’s amazing wonders at times, and yet fall so short at other times?

The fine line between successful leadership and failure is our willingness to follow the Lord’s direction. When Moses chose to liberate his brethren without a word from the Lord, it ended in trouble. But when God told him to liberate the people, it ended in miraculous freedom. When Moses chose to strike the rock in anger rather than speaking to it as God commanded, it ended in Moses not entering the Promised Land. But when he asked God to see the land, God granted his request – in his life (Deuteronomy 34:1-4) and eternally (Luke 9:28-36).

Today, we don’t speak with God the way Moses did, but our conversations are just as meaningful. When we act on our own will and try to liberate ourselves and others based on our own timelines and opinions, we fail just as Moses did. But if we will follow God’s word and God’s timing, we can be free and help free others from the bondage of sin. There is only one, true freedom from slavery today, Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Whose will do you follow today – God’s or your own?

Flash Mobs

Have you ever seen a “flash mob?” While, flash mobs are not exactly new, they are becoming a part of our every day society. Typically, they are harmless – a way a new generation can do something odd or nonconformist while not hurting anyone. People are using texting, mass e-mail, and various web sites to gather at a particular time and place to “spontaneously” dance or stand still or lie down for a few minutes and then continue as if nothing had happened. Those who are not “in” on the gag are often surprised, amused, or merely pass by, ignoring the activity. Until recently society was, at most, slightly inconvenienced by ‘flash mobs.’ A more sinister application has arisen though – “flash robs.”

“Flash robs” are when people gather together in order to barge into a theater or a stadium without paying for tickets or to enter a store simultaneously and shoplift and leave. Cases of ‘flash robs’ are popping up all over the country and are confounding law enforcement. When asked about how they are dealing with the problem, law enforcement officers have simply said that they don’t know how and don’t have the manpower to deal with this kind of crime.

In the days of Moses, there was something akin to a ‘flash rob,’ but with a very different ending. Beginning in the 16th chapter of Numbers, we learn that there were individuals in the camp who were tired of following the rules laid out by Moses. They didn’t want to follow the system anymore. They didn’t want to submit to God’s law. In fact, they wanted to steal the leadership from Moses. And so the message went out that they would meet and confront Moses. A rebellion of Korah and 250 leaders showed up and demanded that Moses and Aaron give the leadership of the Israelites to them. God told the people to remove themselves from Korah and his ‘flash mob’ and the earth swallowed them up.

God was not confounded. He didn’t worry about how to handle the situation. He wasn’t concerned about whether He had the manpower or wisdom to deal with Korah’s ‘flash mob.’ And the same is true today. God has a plan for us and has given us the road map. It says we are supposed to be kind to each other and love each other and treat others better than ourselves. We are to respect people and their property. And if we walk in the light as He is in the light, there is a wonderful inheritance laid up in heaven for us. And for those who refuse to submit to His ways…well, there is a plan there too. God’s preference is that we would follow His path and that none would perish. Are you in the practice of submitting to or rebelling against God’s will?