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Oops…Honey, I Accidentally Recorded Over The Game!


The story is as old as the VCR. It’s your anniversary; your wife suggests watching the wedding video; you pop the tape in the VCR; and oops…you accidentally recorded the big game over your wedding! Welcome to the doghouse.

Or maybe she recorded a cooking show over your game. Whatever. But odds are pretty good, that if you owned a VCR, someone accidentally recorded over something important. But who would have guessed that this could happen to something like the only recordings of the Super Bowl!

You see, in 1967, tapes that NBC and CBS used to record on were expensive. So tapes were reused and things got recorded over often. And, in 1967, when the 1st Super Bowl was played, it wasn’t nearly as popular as it is now. 30 second ads went for a few thousand dollars in comparison with the millions they will cost this year.

So, amazingly, folks at NBC and CBS recorded…wait for it…soap operas, over the master tapes to save money! And until recently, the 1st Super Bowl was thought to be completely lost. But using modern technology, camera views from NFL game video, and the audio recording dubbed in, the 1967 Super Bowl re-aired last week for the first time in almost 50 years.

The game is nostalgic for many reasons. It was the 1st “Super” Bowl; it reminds us of a simpler time and a purer game; it was one of Vince Lombardi’s last Super Bowls; and 14 future Hall of Famers played in that day. By the way, the Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10. But the game will go down in history more for being “found” when it was “lost” than for what the scoreboard read.

Finding important lost things is fun. Did you know it is a favorite theme of scripture too? In the Old Testament, there was a King named, Josiah. And while work was being done on the Temple, they found scrolls of the Torah that had been lost (2 Kings 22)! They experienced both grief over learning they had been doing things wrong and great joy over committing themselves to the Lord.

In the New Testament, there are several lost things that are found in Luke 15: A Lost Sheep, A Lost Coin, and A Lost Son. Jesus uses these examples to remind us that even Angels in Heaven rejoice when one lost sinner is found. “Found,” as we learn about it in Scripture, means to be a sinner who comes to know the Lord…to return home to our Father’s house, where we belong.

What about you, friend? When the great books are opened in heaven, there won’t be any lost recordings, only lost souls. Will you be recorded as “found” or “lost” on that day? Amazing grace…what once was lost can be found! Get in touch, and let’s talk more about how you can be found on that great day.