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p-goPokemon is popular; a Clinton is running for president; Tarzan is in theaters. Wait, did we time warp to the 90’s? There is, truly, nothing new under the sun.

If you haven’t been following any of the recent Pokemon news, then you probably think people around you are going crazy. Maybe you thought that anyway. But when strangers in the parking lot stare at their phones trying to capture small creatures…things are #pokecrazy!

Pokemon Go is an app that has exploded world-wide. It recently hit the United States with over 8 million downloads, causing it to be one of the most popular apps of all time. It is based on the Nintendo game that grew into an empire of video games, trading cards, animated television shows, movies, comic books, and toys.

And just when you thought that 18-35 year old had grown out of their #pokeobsession? Nintendo drags them back in!

Now, I don’t particularly care about Pokemon. I don’t have anything against it; I just never got into it. But a lot of people do care…millions of them.

And, for all the faults of the game, here’s a fact: more people from our community than ever are driving into our church parking lot! Of course, they are looking for critters to lasso, but they did drive into the parking lot…and maybe that is a start.

I’m not into entertaining people for the value of entertainment. There are plenty of places to be entertained in this world. The church is called to be something different. And while we can, and should, have fun in the church…our primary role is to bring people to know Christ and live eternally in heaven.

But rather than simply dismissing the #pokemadness, we want to do what we can to reach souls. After all, #pokelivesmatter. That is, to say, the souls of the players matter.

So…come on to the church of Christ at Clover, 6278 Hwy 55E, Clover, SC 29710, and lasso what you can. And we hope you stick around for class and worship as well.