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Mind the Gap

superhero commuter At a Perth train station in Australia, “Mind the Gap” signs warn riders to beware of the gap between the train and the platform. One man, seen in a video that has gone viral this week, wasn’t so mindful. Not paying attention to “the gap,” he stepped right between the train and the platform as he was stepping on the train, and got his foot and leg stuck as the train was loading!

As the video shows, the driver was alerted and the train was stopped before anything terrible happened. What took place next has been called “Superhero Teamwork.” Dozens of commuters gathered at the side of the train and pushed the train to the side just far enough for the man to get his leg out!

Now, I don’t know how much that train weighed, but it is obvious that it was heavier than a few could handle. It took a large number of people, willing to take a moment to help someone else. I love this example of group-effort as a reminder that people are still willing to help out when 1) they see a need, & 2) they determine that there is something they can do about it.

We are told in Luke 16:26 that in eternity “there is a great chasm fixed, so that those who wish to come over from here to you will not be able, and that none may cross over from there to us.” In the church, there are millions of people who see the need and are willing to help. Sadly, though, many people they are trying to free from “the gap” would rather stay stuck in the danger of sin than be lifted to freedom!

Friend, consider your life. Are you in a rut? Have you realized that your life is headed in the wrong direction? Is there a nagging sense that there is something missing? Perhaps you are stuck in “the gap,” a most dangerous place. Or perhaps you know someone who needs a little “superhero teamwork.” Will you stop and help someone out of the gap today?

Don’t stay stuck in the gap all the way into eternity! Jesus has bridged the gap for us by shedding His blood on the cross for our sins. Believers everywhere are praying for you and are willing to help free you today. Get in touch with your local church of Christ today and ask for help!

Failure to Supervise

911 recordings have been released this week regarding a male driver who ran a jeep into a house, abandoned the vehicle, went home and watched TV until the police arrived. While this may sound like just another call at the 911 office, amazingly, the 911 operator sounded very confused and unsure how to handle the problem at first. To make things even stranger, the male driver wasn’t even cited!

You see, the boy was a 3-year-old toddler. So when the call came from a man who witnessed the whole thing, it sounded something like this:

911 emergency? Uh yes, ma’am. I just seen a little kid in a diaper. He just rolled a Jeep across the street and into a house.

A little kid in a diaper? Like a real Jeep? A full size Jeep?

Yeah, it’s a Jeep. It’s sitting here in the side of a house right now.

So here are the facts: a police officer noticed a toddler playing in a Jeep and warned the adult inside who was apparently a relative watching the boy for his parents. Later that day, the toddler was at it again, and while the relative was doing something else, he slipped back out to the car. He then accidentally knocked the manual shift out of gear, and rode the car down the street, through an intersection, over a curb, and into a house.

Once his joy ride was over, the boy, wearing only a diaper, ran back to his house, got on the couch, and watched cartoons like nothing had happened. The police knocked on the door later, and to the babysitter’s surprise, he found out what happened and was cited with “failure to supervise.”

Failure to supervise. I like that. You should have been watching, training, instructing, or otherwise being “in charge” of a young person who is not held responsible for their actions. You are the adult.

Now, what if we apply this idea in the church? Will God cite some with a failure to supervise? Whether as parents, teachers, preachers, babysitters, or caregivers, God has given us an important supervisory role…watch over and train up the next generation. But many of us choose the spiritual equivalent of “driving toddlers,” when we allow the spiritually immature to guide themselves and play with spiritually dangerous things.

The truth is, you never know when a toddler might accidentally knock into something that causes the vehicle to run away, out of control.

So don’t let your little ones hang out in cars unattended…and watch how you leave the next generation.  “Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Are You Zoned Out? Awake O Sleeper!

Workers on the corner where the Metro-North train derailment took place

Ever get the feeling that someone you are talking to has their mind somewhere else? Do you feel like there are days when you can’t seem to concentrate and stay focused? If so, perhaps you know how it feels to “zone out.”

If you have ever checked out of a conversation, drifted off into a daydream, or nodded off slightly when sitting still, you probably know what it means to “zone out.” Experts say that zoning out can range from a harmless moment of rest to serious dangers. Drivers, for example, can suffer from an extremely dangerous “zoning out” called “highway hypnosis” or “micro Sleep.” This occurs when the driver loses perspective by looking ahead and seeing miles of railroad track or highway with no significant changes.

Perhaps no one knows that danger more than William Rockefeller. Last Sunday, Rockefeller, the driver of the New York commuter train that derailed, told investigators that he had “zoned out” shortly before the crash which killed four people, injured 11, and held back 26,000 commuters on the Metro-North Hudson line.

Rockefeller did what he could to react once he “snapped out of it,” but unfortunately, it was too late. Did you know that we can suffer from the danger of “zoning out” in our faith? And often it is far too late to recover by the time we “snap out of it.”

Are you gliding through life zoned out? Have you been lulled to sleep by the apparent long road ahead of you? Paul reminds us to “Awake, O Sleeper” and look to Christ for our salvation (Ephesians 5:14). If you aren’t a child of God, have you “zoned out” in your desire to know the truth? If you are a believer, are you wide-awake and focused on the task? Satan is well-pleased when we are distracted.

The families of those who were injured or lost their lives in this terrible accident are in our prayers. Unnecessary loss of life is always sad. That is why we must be so vigilant, especially with eternal life. Stay vigilant until the end, endure in faithfulness, and receive your reward in heaven.