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Easy Beats Better? Not In My Book!

pizzahutboxcarApparently, Pizza Hut isn’t doing well. Sales are down 3%, and they are 2 minutes slower than Dominos in delivering pizza. Their parent company, Yum! Brands wants to change that though. How? CEO, Greg Creed, has a plan…a little something he is calling: ”Easy” beats “Better.”

Easy beats better? Is that right? Yep, I checked. He said that.

In a meeting with investors, Creed claimed that better quality food was “once the best way to beat the competition.” But times have changed. Creed says that now, “Easy” beats “Better.” According to reports, Creed says that Pizza Hut should “shift its focus from serving better food than rival chains to being more convenient for consumers.”

Now, I like to get my pizza fast too. But I don’t want quality to suffer! In the pizza world though, it seems that fastest and easiest wins. Pizza is pizza.

Sadly, some churches are heading that way too. After all, many churches sacrifice quality for ease and comfort. And if there are no differences between churches, then why not go to the easiest and fastest?

But easiest and fastest rarely equate with quality! Perhaps Pizza Hut doesn’t mind sacrificing a little quality for speed, but how would you feel about that in other areas? Want doctors who are the fastest or the best? Want a degree that takes a day but won’t get you a job anywhere? Want to attend a church that is quick but can’t help you get to Heaven?

Want to attend a church that is quick but can’t help you get to Heaven?

Now, to be fair, coming to Jesus is supposed to be easy. The path to Him should not be hindered (Matthew 19:14), and His burden is light (Matthew 11:30). But, with Jesus, ease is never in lieu of quality!

But, with Jesus, ease is never in lieu of quality!

In fact, everything about Jesus is better than the competition. He is better than: the Angels (Hebrews 1:4,6,8), Moses (3:3-4), Joshua (4:8-9), Aaron (7:26-28), the Old Covenant (7:22; 8:6; 9:12), sacrifices (8:6-10:18), etc. “Better” is “Better” when it comes to Bible.

“Better” is “Better” when it comes to Bible.

Many churches compete to be easier. “Just believe and don’t worry about DOING anything” is their mantra. But churches aren’t pizza! And if your church simply caters to a desire for instant gratification, the “Better” of Christ is probably suffering.

The call to Christ is easy. The ability to have sins removed is easy. But the Christian life is a marathon; it is a battle; it is a life-long struggle to maintain quality in worship, service, and dedication. And anyone selling anything else is just selling,…pizza.